Signal School a golden ray of hope

Signal school is an innovative concept initialised by Samarth Bharat Vyaspith along with Thane Municipal Corporation, to provide education to underprivileged children living on signals in Thane, Maharashtra. The only aim of SBV is to make these children capable to adjust themselves in the mainstream world. Signal school provides children with various facilities with proper schooling.

Need of Signal School

Children of migrant families can be seen selling things like flowers, games, or sometimes begging. SBV wants to address migrant dropout students, provide safe environment, give them a vision to look at their life and future. With this thinking SBV started signal school.

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Beginning of the program

14th June, 2016 was first day of our signal school. We literally went to streets and collect the students. Right now 30 students are studying in the school. Out of them 14 girls and 16 boys are there. It started with non-formal education to formal education.

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Holistic Development of children

SBV’s concept is to provide children with all the following things, which they don’t get in their life. These things are needed to grow a good, independent and responsible personality. we strive to give these children a different life experiences to grow their personality as a good and responsible citizen.

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Today’s Signal school

We have 30 students in our school now. We just declared a result of first academic year of signal school 2016-17. 99% children are passed. One of our students went to her village due to some emergency so we lost by 1%. But we are very happy that we achieved success with our children.
We arrange a lot of activities for them. We started from hair cutting to now we take them to mall, for movie, we take them out for lunch etc. these activities looks like we are giving them a luxuries life. But no, it is also for their development so they can see other side of world, outside their limited world. These experiences can inspire them to make their dignified position in this outside world on their own.

Know our Students

Mohan is an 18 years old dropout student. His family migrated to Thane in search of job. Along with his family he did lots of small business and earned livelihood for his family. We started signal school and he voluntarily came to us and said, “I want to complete my education, can I be a student of your school?” we observed his behaviour and interests after finding that he is genuine and came only for studies, we gave him admission in our school. Now he passed his 8th and studying for 10th exam. He is a bright student. He is honestly studying and helping other students also in their studies. He study in morning and work in evening. We are glad to have Mohan as our student. This boy setting example for others in our school. He also proves that people who live on signals or who are homeless they still have dreams and they walk towards completing it


Neha and Nikita are siblings 7 and 9 years old and studying in 1st and 4th standard respectively. Earlier they were living on teen hath naka signal but due to some problems they shifted to Ghansoli signal. Before shifting they used come to school regularly for 6-7 months. They generated interest in studies because of Signal school. After shifting they were not able to come to school. But only with their will power they started coming to school. Alone they travel by train from Ghansoli to Thane, and come to school. We are proud of these girls who have a lot of potential in them and signal school will definitely give them a platform to explore their potential.

Neha and Nikita

Vishal, is 12 year old boy studying in 6th standard. He used to live on signal, he has a step mom and his father is in the jail. He’s alone in the family. Due to all this conditions he was facing in his mid childhood, he became very hyper and in school he used to do create so many troubles to other children. He was very hyper. Our teachers and staff took efforts we used to give him counselling an d behaved very softly with him. Now we can see improvement in vishal though it is very slow but this is happening naturally. Vishal was very hyper student before coming to school and after 4-5 months he changed and becoming responsible.


Shankar is our student. He is also a street child like others. On 25th January, 2017, 8.00pm he was playing on the road. Shankar, a 13 year old boy met an accident, a truck went from his foot. His heel was crushed under truck’s wheel. We couldn’t find that truck driver, but we gave complete medical care to him. 1st he was admitted in Subodh Mehta Hospital and Dr. Medha bhave did his plastic surgery. Then he shifted to another hospital, Hospital Param and 2nd plastic surgery was also done by same doctor. Now Shankar can walk. We are thankful to doctors who helped him to save his leg. We are thankful to our donors who helped us in raising money for Shankar’s plastic surgery. We are thankful to Mohan who showed his presence of mind and took Shankar to the hospital immediately.


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